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If all goes according to plan this website will make you feel like you're driving somewhere in the back country in the early evening of summer

It should also make you feel like you're cumming into a fleshlight watching that scene in Lawnmower Man where they have 3D CyberSex (Rubber pussy will never be as good as regular pussy because it is chemically impossible for lube to perfectly resemble pussy slime, and also shower sex fucking sucks because the pussy slime rinses off in the flouride water and poisons your bitch's womb so your kids come out as retarded school shooters)

I am not a domestic terrorist and this page isn't a dogwhistle to fascists and neo nazis and their sympathizers, this webpage is designed to remind you of things you have forgotten or have ignored

Remember when you would go over to your friends house and he could only afford a few video games so there was no multiplayer so you guys would play something single player and switch off who was playing the game? I blame that phenomenon for creating lets plays and gamer streams

Also have you ever noticed that a lot homosexuals wind up being child molesters ha ha ha ha

Check out my content, I've already logged your IP and sent you some of my hair in the mail so you might as well get something out of this